Conference Committee

Conference Officers CEIDP 2023

Kai Wu — General Conference Chair — Xi’an Jiaotong University, China

Thomas Andritsch — Vice-Chair/Treasurer — Southampton University, United Kingdom

Refat Ghunem — Technical Program Committee Chair — National Research Council, Canada

Executive Committee CEIDP 2023 (ExCom)

Kai Wu — General Conference Chair — Xi’an Jiaotong University, China

Thomas Andritsch — Vice-Chair/Treasurer — Southampton University, United Kingdom

Refat Ghunem — Technical Program Committee Chair — National Research Council, Canada

Leo S Fifield — Conference Secretary — Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA

Sombel Diaham — Publication and Publicity Committee Chair — University of Toulouse, France

Jérôme Castellon — Publication and Publicity Committee Co-Chair — University of Montpellier, France

Virginie Griseri — Nominating Committee Chair/Registration Assistance — University of Toulouse, France

Frank Hegeler — DEIS Meetings Committee Chair — Naval Research Laboratory, USA

Reimund Gerhard — 2023 Local Arrangements Chair — University of Potsdam, Germany

Yang Cao — 2023 Local Arrangements Chair — University of Connecticut, USA

CEIDP Board Members

Time expiring in 2022

Leo FifieldPacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA
Nikola Chalashkanov University of Lincoln, UK
Axel Mellinger* University Central Michigan, USA 
Giovanni Mazzanti*  University of Bologna, ITALY 
Masahiro Kozako*  Kyushu Institute of Technology, JAPAN 
Yuriy Serdyuk* Chalmers University of Technology, SWEDEN

Time expiring in 2023

Davide Fabiani  University of Bologna, ITALY 
Reimund Gerhard  University of Potsdam, GERMANY 
Pietro Romano University of Palermo, ITALY
Roger Schurch Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, CHILE
Feipeng Wang* Chongqing University, CHINA
Jérôme Castellon* University of Montpellier, FRANCE
Akiko Kumada* The University of Tokyo, JAPAN

Time expiring in 2024

Tony Lujia Chen University of Manchester, UK
Mona GhassemiVirginia Tech, USA
Yazid HadjadjNational Research Council, CANADA
Virginie GriseriUniversity of Toulouse, FRANCE
Chuanyang LiUniversity of Connecticut, USA
Jia-wei ZhangXi’an University of Technology, CHINA
Mychal SpencerPacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA
Xingming Bian*North China Electric Power University, CHINA

* Serving 2nd consecutive term (terms limited to 2 in succession)

New CEIDP Board Member Applications for 2024-2026:

Yearly, the CEIDP renews one third of its Board Members. The election of new Board members, for a 3-years term, is organized by vote during the Board meeting in the week of the conference. Board members (both elected and life members) participate together in the key decisions of the CEIDP life (selection of next venues, budget approval, …).

 If you wish to serve and join the CEIDP’s Board, as a new elected member, from 2024 onwards and for a 3-years term, please download the CV template HERE and send by email your short CV (1 page max with picture) to the Nominating Committee Chair, Drs. Virginie Griseri (, before October 01st, 2023.

All the CVs received from new candidates by then will be presented during the next CEIDP Board meeting followed by the vote by the current Board members.

Living Past Chairs (voting members)

2020-2021Prof. George ChenUniversity of Southampton, UK
2016-2017Dr. Enis TuncerTexas Instruments, USA
2008-2009Prof. Huseyin R. HizirogluKettering University, USA
1988-1989Prof. J. Keith NelsonRensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA

Living past Chairs (non-voting members)

Daniel Berg                                       USAP. Keith Watson                               USA
Michel Fréchette                          CanadaRoy E. Wooton                                 USA
Lynn L. Hatfield                                 USAG. Edward Johnson                         USA
Marshall Pace                                   USAMartin G. Broadhurst                      USA
Edward Sacher                          CanadaLouis J. Frisco                                  USA
Mahmoud Abou-Dakka            CanadaVijendra Agarwal                              USA
Soli S. Bamji                                CanadaReuben Hackam                        Canada
Vishnu K. Lakdawala                      USAClive W. Reed                                  USA
Isidor Sauers                                    USARajeswari Sundararajan                USA
Arend van Roggen                           USANicola Bowler                 USA