Whitehead Lecture

The Whitehead Memorial Lecture

The Whitehead Memorial Lecture is named in honor of Dr. John Boswell Whitehead, a pioneer in electrical insulation and dielectrics and a long-time contributor to the CEIDP.  The Conference opens each year with the Lecture and it is the keynote session of the Conference.  The 2022 Whitehead Memorial Lecture will be given by Prof. Nick Quirke, Imperial College London, UK.

2022 Whitehead Memorial Lecture: Professor Nick Quirke, Imperial College London, UK

TitleThe role of molecular simulation in understanding electrical insulation and dielectric phenomena

Abstract— Molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo, Lanczos and density functional methods, here called molecular simulation (MS) , provide insight into electrical insulation and dielectric phenomena that cannot be obtained from other sources. While experiment is vital to electrical engineering, MS offers information at a molecular level, providing a window onto fundamental process which underlie laboratory work. The work of my group has elucidated the connections between fundamental properties such as electron affinity, band gaps, molecular structure and voids and observables such as electron trapping and the resultant I(V) characteristics and thermal transport, providing experimentalists with a better understanding of insulations and dielectric phenomena.

Prof. Nick Quirke short Bio: Nick Quirke is Professor Emeritus of Chemical Physics at Imperial College, London. His group conducted theoretical research in the general area of nanomaterials with particular interest in their interaction with biological interfaces and with polymeric insulators. This fundamental research finds application in toxicology and in power engineering. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, Editor-in-Chief of the international Journals, Molecular Simulation, and the Journal of Experimental Nanoscience. He received the 1998 Royal Society of Chemistry Medal for Thermodynamics and was Royal Society / Kan Tong Po Professor at the University of Hong Kong for 2003/2004. He was awarded the 2006 NSTI Fellow Award for Outstanding Contributions in Advancing Nanotechnology and in 2013 a Yangtze river professorship ship at Xi’an Jiaotong university and was appointed adjunct professor at BUCT. His career has included leadership positions in both academia and industry. He was Principal Research Associate at BP. From 2006 to 2011 he was Vice President and Principal of engineering and science, University College Dublin.