The CEIDP 2020 Provisional Program can be downloaded HERE.

The technical program covers theoretical and experimental aspects of dielectric, electronic, and electrostatic research on vacuum and gaseous media and on liquid and solid materials of organic and inorganic origins.

The 2020 CEIDP will celebrate its 100-year anniversary, with its 1st conference held in Manhattan, NY, on 20 September, 1920. To celebrate the centennial, the 2020 CEIDP conference format will be slightly different from previous CEIDPs.

The conference will be held in a virtual format. More information will be notified soon.

The conference will open with the registration and a reception on Sunday evening, 18 October, 2020, followed by two full days of technical sessions on Monday and Tuesday. The conference banquet will be held on Tuesday evening. On Wednesday, 21 October, 2020, we will have a full day tour event and conference attendees are invited to visit the birthplace of the CEIDP in Manhattan, NY in the former Western Electric / Bell Telephone Laboratories building on 463 West Street. The technical program continues on Thursday, 22 October, 2020 with a special centennial session in the morning where we will look at the 100-year history of CEIDP and also attempt to provide perspectives for the 2nd century of the CEIDP, followed by more technical presentations in the afternoon.

As 2020 CEIDP approaches, a preliminary program will be made available online on this page. Please check back later.